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Verónica Cerna is a peruvian photographer and videographer. She studied a major in Audiovisual Communications at the Universidad de Lima, Photography at The International Center of Photography in New York and specialization courses on fashion photography and experimental video in Buenos Aires. 


In 2013 she co-funded BAF, a photography and videography studio dedicated to the creation of conceptual and experimental visuals. 


Her work has been featured on the International Photography Awards, Musée Magazine, Shots Magazine and Revista Pecado


She is currently working in New York. 





  • Photosintesis at Gallery El Borde (Lima, Peru, 2011)

  • Trastienda at POPA (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012)

  • Montevideo's Bienal at Gallery Zona 598 (Montevideo, Uruguay, 2012)

  • Contemporary Photography at El mirador espacio (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012)

  • Hollow Bodies at La casona Iluminada (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013)

  • Chile's contemporary art fair Ch.ACO represented by Gallery Nes 54 (Santiago de Chile, Chile, 2013)

  • Tipping point at The International Center of Photography (New York, USA, 2015)

  • Art from the Heart at The vandelbilt republic (New York, USA, 2015)

  • Generation X: Razzle Dazzle at Air Galery (New York, USA, 2016)



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