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From Malleability to Desire



Series fotográficas
house without a door

house without a door

Ucayali, loreto, madre de dios

2017 - 2020

Portrait of an invisible man

portrait of an invisible man

new york, lima

2014 - 2019

The image, as the most irrefutable proof of the tangible existence of what it records, is burned. From a photo within the photo, to a body that fades virtually over time. Perhaps these scenarios, far from reaffirming, call into questioning the existence of the character he portrays, while striving to deny his absolute disappearance.

From Malleability To Desire

from malleability to desire

  lima, cusco, iquitos


The body is the text and the pretext of what we (re)present to be through a performance. 

A game between compliance and denial of repetitive codes of gestures that define our notion and construction of gender.

The bodies are the territory where they denounce their struggles to seek for an image true to themselves, through everything they decide to manifest, creating bridges between masculinities and feminities undone and rebuilt at the whim of desire.

From The Remains

from the remains

new york, 2016

The Invisible Theatre

the invisible theatre

new york, 2015

I turned my intimate spaces into places of observation. I wanted to recreate the gaze of "the other" as a false evidence of constant vigilance, exploring the duality of paranoia and the vouyeristic enjoyment of being observed. In staging these spaces, I seek to question what my limits are between what I consider public or private, and what part of both is actually a staging for oneself, for the other, or for the invisible audience in our minds.

Hollow Bodies

hollow bodies


"Verónica's work frees the senses of their obligatory functions to consider new journeys, procedures varied, other visas. It is thus that unexpected departure zones operate like anatomical pieces in flight or recreate games between the organs: breasts that, from their stillness, observe our astonishment; hands that detach contained voices; Mouths that view any vision. A world of tricked operations  displayed on these neat images."

Julio Hevia Garrido Lecca



Verónica Cerna is a peruvian photographer and videographer. She studied a major in Audiovisual Communications at the Universidad de Lima, posgraduate studies on photography at The International Center of Photography in New York and specialisation courses on fashion photography and experimental video in Buenos Aires. 


Her work has been featured on the International Photography Awards, Musée Magazine, Shots Magazine, The Photo Phore, Better Photograhy and Revista Pecado.


She is currently working between Lima and New York


Solo Shows

  • Con(tact) at Foreplay (Lima, Peru, 2017)

  • From Malleability to Desire at Espacio La Sala (Lima, Peru, 2017)

  • Hollow Bodies at La casona Iluminada (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013)

Collective Exhibitions

  • Generación (a la) basura at Sevilla's Antiquarium (Sevilla, España, 2023)

  • Lo propio y lo ajeno at Galería Phuyu (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2023)

  • The others art fair represented by Bloc Art (Torino, Italia, 2022)

  • Just Women at Fondazione Luciana Mataron (Milán, Italia, 2022)

  • Confluencia at Phuyu Galery (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2022)

  • Just Women at Galerie Joseph Le Palais (Paris, France, 2022)

  • Ser mujer peruana en el 2021 at Sala 770 (Lima, Peru, 2021)

  • Surrealista at CC Cafae-se (Lima, Perú, 2019)

  • Bienal de Arte Amazónico at Centro Cultural de Pucallpa (Pucallpa, Perú, 2019)

  • No Future? at Centro Cultural Universidad de Lima (Lima, Perú, 2019)

  • Perú rumbo al bicentenario at Forum Galery (Lima, Perú, 2019)

  • Art Lima represented by Espacio La Sala (Lima, Perú, 2019)

  • Parto 1095 at Espacio La sala (Lima, Perú, 2018)

  • Remembranza Ficción at Espacio La Sala (Lima, Perú, 2018)

  • Sandesh Festival for the transgender community (Dehradun, India, 2018)

  • De Eros a Porno at Cine Olaya (Lima, Peru, 2018)

  • Feminine Intrinsic at Espacio La Sala (Lima, Peru, 2018)

  • De qué es capaz un cuerpo? at Universidad Nacional de San Martin (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2018)

  • Espacio Continuo at Espacio La Sala (Lima, Peru, 2017)

  • BazArte at Fundación Euroidiomas (Lima, Peru, 2017)

  • Femenino Intrínseco at ICPNA Gallery (Ica, Peru, 2017)

  • Noche de arte at Fundación BBVA (Lima, Peru, 2017)

  • Feminine Intrinsic at ICPNA Gallery (Pucallpa, Peru, 2017)

  • De Eros a Porno at Espacio La Sala (Lima, Peru, 2017)

  • Generation X: Razzle Dazzle at Air Galery (New York, USA, 2016)

  • Art from the Heart at The vandelbilt republic (New York, USA, 2015)

  • Tipping point at Rita K. Hillman Gallery (New York, USA, 2015)

  • Chile's contemporary art fair Ch.ACO represented by Gallery Nes 54 (Santiago de Chile, Chile, 2013)

  • Contemporary Photography at El mirador espacio (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012)

  • Montevideo's Bienal at Gallery Zona 598 (Montevideo, Uruguay, 2012)

  • Trastienda at POPA (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012)

  • Photosintesis at Gallery El Borde (Lima, Peru, 2011)

Press Links

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